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First 5 Placer is a public organization that was created after California voters passed Proposition 10, known as "The Children and Families Act". Proposition 10 is a tobacco tax that funds local First 5 county commissions to support the healthy development of children through age 5 in their jurisdiction. In Placer County, the First 5 Placer Children & Families Commission develop and implement a strategic plan for tobacco tax funds to fulfill our vision and mission.



Our Vision:

The First 5 Placer Children and Families Commission believes all children are our children; therefore we shall create an environment that supports our children and their families in reaching their full potential.

Our Mission:

In order to achieve our Vision, we will focus on early childhood development and will support and build on existing collaborative efforts by bringing together diverse perspectives, communities, and resources to assure comprehensive integrated strategies and holistic family-centered sustainable approaches.​

Toddler girl posing

First 5 Placer builds the early childhood systems and supports needed to ensure Placer County's young children are safe, healthy, and ready to succeed in school and life.

About the Commission

first 5 placer Children & Families commission

The First 5 Placer Children and Families Commission is an autonomous, self-governing Commission appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The roles and responsibilities of the Commission encompass the following areas:

  1. Making strategic policy decisions

  2. Being an active leader and advocate in the community

  3. Providing fiscal accountability

  4. Implementing legal and financial responsibility

  5. Being accountable to the community

Learn more about each of our current commissioners below. 

first 5 placer staff

The First 5 Placer is managed by Executive Director Janice LeRoux, Associate Manager of Operations Lindsay Wibberley, Associate Manager Sabrina Dean, and Staff Support Specialist Karli Smith.  They are responsible for supporting the Commission with the development and implementation of the First 5 Placer Strategic Plan, including policies, compliance, communications, reporting, evaluation, and management of funded partner contracts.   



Strategic Plan 2024-2030

First 5 Placer has adopted a new six-year Strategic Plan. This Plan identifies a set of goals to be achieved and strategies by which the Commission seeks to produce positive changes for children and those who care for them.


View or download our Strategic Plan for 2016-2024 here

View or download our Strategic Plan for 2024-2030 here
Strategic Plan


First 5 Placer provides information to the community through its annual audit and program reporting processes.  The Commission monitors the impact and effectiveness of its efforts, maintains a focus on continuous program improvement, and holds itself accountable as a steward of First 5 funds.

The accountability processes are designed to:

  • Inform learning, guide program development, implementation and continuous improvement.

  • Document impact and effectiveness.

  • Support transparency to the community regarding the use of First 5 funds.

The audit is conducted by an Independent Auditor in accordance with GAAP and expanded requirements by the State Controller’s Office.  


View  the First 5 Placer Independent Auditor's Report for Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2023 here.


For evaluation, data are collected in a third party software system and evaluation reporting conducted by an external evaluator.  Data are reported annual to the State for its collective Annual Report to the Legislature.  Additionally, a local evaluation report is provided to the Commission annually.


View First 5 California Annual Report 2022-23 here


View the First 5 Placer 2022-23 Local Evaluation Report and Presentation by Harder+Company here




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