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Road to Resilience 

Road to Resilience is a program for mothers with current or a history of substance use, or who have given birth to a
substance-exposed infant. Navigators from local community based organizations partner with moms to plan for and achieve a healthy pregnancy and welcome a healthy, happy  baby.

We partner with parents to:

  •  Achieve a healthy pregnancy

  •  Welcome a thriving baby

  •  Receive no cost, ongoing support

Program services include:

  • Basic needs support

  • Community support

  • Early dental screenings

  • Medical Care 

  • Early childhood literacy programs

  • Parenting support and classes 

  • Substance use support services 

  • Mental Health Services 

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Who Qualifies?

If you are experiencing or have experienced a substance use   disorder or have a substance-exposed baby, you qualify for this program. You can enroll in the Road to Resilience program anytime from pregnancy through the child’s first year of life. Participation in the program can continue beyond the child’s first year.

Our Local Non-Profit Partners 

KidsFirst Logo_edited.jpg

Provides no cost, friendly, accessible community hubs so families have a lasting network of wellness and support, working to strengthen the  parent-child  interaction.

Sierra Native Alliance Logo.jpg

Empowers Native families and youth, cultures and environments through cultural resources, family resources and environmental education.

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Offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment and mental health services with a primary focus on the  family system.

*Click on logo to learn more about the non-profit partners

For more information on how to enroll:

Contact Sabrina Dean here or call 916-270-4949.


This publication was made possible with funding from the California Department of Social Services, Office of Child Abuse Prevention. Any opinions, findings, conclusions and or recommendations expressed are those of the First 5 Placer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the California Department of Social Services.

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