• At First 5 Placer, we focus on the first 5 years of life.
    We fund programs and services to ensure that children are nurtured, healthy, safe, learning, and developmentally reaching their potential. Research proves children who reach their full potential come from families that are strong and connected. Strong families are supported by communities that are caring and responsive.

  • A child's first teacher.
    It is a fact. Raising a child is one of the most important and rewarding things you will ever do, but it can also be extremely challenging. At First 5 Placer, we are committed to partnering with and supporting you because we understand you are your child's first teacher. More

  • First 5 Placer is an example of government that works Our investments are making a positive impact on Placer County children and their families. First 5 Placer has helped to ensure that children are healthier, better prepared for kindergarten, screened earlier for special needs, and raised in nurturing families. More

  • Serving children prenatal through age 5 in Placer County First 5 Placer plays a vital role in providing a safety net of services and support for the youngest and most vulnerable members of our community. More

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First 5 Placer Evaluation Committee

October 1, 2015

10:00-12:00 p.m.

Donner Room-PCOE ANNEX

365 Nevada Street. Auburn, CA 95603

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First 5 Placer Commission Meeting

October 15, 2015

4:30-6:30 p.m.

Nobili Room-PCOE ANNEX

365 Nevada Street. Auburn, CA 95603

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 First 5 Placer Executive Committee Meeting

The orginal Executive Committee meeting has been cancelled






From birth to 5 years, your child should reach milestones in how he plays, learns, speaks, acts and moves. Track your child’s development and act early if you have a concern.  CDC’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” program aims to improve early identification of children with autism and other developmental disabilities so children and families can get the services and support they need.  Click HERE or on the box below to access this free information.


I know the signs of healthy child development.






Parents want to do everything possible to make sure their children are healthy and protected from preventable diseases.   Vaccination is the best way to do that.

Vaccination protects children from serious illness and complications of vaccine-preventable diseases, such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough.  Outbreaks of preventable diseases occur when many parents decide not to vaccinate their children. Vaccination is safe and effective. 


Vaccination protects others you care about, including family members, friends, and grandparents.  We all have a public health commitment to protect each other and each other’s children by vaccinating our own family members.


Here are some resources for accurate information about vaccinations:

-  Click here for video by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) addressing parents' concerns about immunizations

-  Click here for the CDC website  with information for parents about vaccinating children of any age

-  Every Child By 2 has this ebook for parents, with info on different preventable diseases