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Collective action

First 5 Placer is leading and supporting a collective effort among stakeholders to positively impact outcomes in four strategic focus areas:

  • Reducing Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Improving Reading Levels and Literacy

  • Improving Maternal and Child Health

  • Improving Oral Health


To date, the Collective Action effort has involved data analysis, stakeholder engagement, and the development of action teams in each area of focus. Read on for useful reports and data from the effort. 

data analysis

Data Analysis and Summary Report was created to identify the unserved or underserved young children of Placer County with the goal of assembling county stakeholders toward a shared vision and consensus around action.  This summary is intended to support efficient use of resources, decision making, and focused program placement to align with the actual needs in Placer County.


A series of Placer County data maps were created to serve as an insightful tool for focusing Collective Action efforts. The data was produced at the census tract level to give the deepest view of communities and their needs. 

Census Tract-Level Maps:

Alta Dutch Flat

Auburn 215.01

Auburn 216.03

Auburn 218.02

Auburn 1-80 Corridor


Dollar Point


Kings Beach



Rocklin 211.06, 211.08, 211.29

Roseville Core and Cirby Areas

Roseville 207.11, 207.13, 207.15


Tahoe City and West Shore

The Summit

community profiles

Mortgage: Percentage of homeowners whose housing costs exceed 30% of their income

Rent:  Percentage of residents whose rent exceeds 30% of their income

Kaiser Prenatal Care:  Percentage of mothers whose pre-natal care began during the first trimester

Teen Births:  Percentage of teen birth rates

Assault Rates



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