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A Community That's Caring and Responsive - Reaching out to Fathers in North Lake Tahoe

One of the most successful stories of Community Collaborative of Tahoe-Truckee supported collaboration between the Tahoe funded First 5 partners has been the planning and development of father engagement activities this past year. The Tahoe partners recognized that there is both an opportunity and a need to further engage fathers of children age 0-5 in support services. Building on the success of the North Tahoe Family Resource Center's "My Dad and Me" event, the team developed a plan to ensure services and programs that are father-friendly, culturally appropriate and overall appealing to fathers. Initially, the partners explored what is working. They noted that the Truckee Family Resource Center has been providing legal services to an increasing number of single fathers and that the Family Room has also seen an increase in fathers accessing activities. The partners developed a plan to engage these fathers further and support them to access each others' programs. The next steps have been for the partners to develop a calendar of services and events specifically for fathers, and the KidZone is working with North Tahoe Family Resource Center to bring a speaker specific to father engagement issues.