First 5 Placer supports programs that are aligned with its strategic plan. Three result areas have been identified by the

First 5 Placer Children and Families Commission to accomplish its Vision and Mission. These are broad, long range goals

to be achieved countywide. They are:

• Children are nurtured, healthy, safe, learning, and developmentally reaching their potential.

• Families are strong and connected

• Communities are caring and responsive


The outcomes for achieving First 5 Placer's goals are divided into two approaches based on the protective factors model: centering

on the Family or the Community. The Child is at the center of both of these approaches:


Family-Based Approach

• Enhanced development of children, including social, emotional and cognitive competence.

• Increased knowledge of parenting and child development.

• Increased individual and family social connections.

• Enhanced parental resilience.

• Concrete support in times of need, including improved access to necessary services and resources.


Community-Based Approach

• Health beliefs and clear standards as well as strengthening of community norms.

• Caring and supportive social connections, systems and networks.

• Opportunities for participation in civic life.


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