economic impact

We help strengthen the local economy.

Currently, the Commission has committed funding for the period 2016-2018, which will yield $3.9 million, creating nearly 160 jobs for the County on an annual basis. This ontribution of resources illustrates First 5 Placer's vital role in providing a safety net of services and support for the youngest and most vulnerable members of our community, while other sources of publicly-funded support continue to decline.

Recent economic development studies show that programs for children under age 6 produce significant economic benefits. As the child grows into adulthood, this benefit ranges from $1.26 to $17 for $1 spent. Early childhood programs can keep children out of expensive special education programs; reduce the number of students who fail and must repeat a grade in school; increase high school graduation rates; reduce juvenile crime; reduce the number of youngsters who wind up on welfare as adults; and increase the number of students who go to college.   (RAND Corporation, 2006)


Economic Impacts of the First 5 Placer Children and Families Commission's Funded Programs:  A report by the Center for Strategic Economic Research, May 2011