Community Impact Report (Annual Report)


The First 5 Placer Children and Families Commission invests Proposition 10 tobacco tax money in services and resources

for children prenatal through age 5 in Placer County. Since it was established in 1999, First 5 Placer has invested more

than $29 million in services for the local community. From 2007–2010, $8.4 million dollars were invested in Placer

County programs for health care (including dental and vision care), developmental screenings, obesity prevention,

quality child care, preschool, parent education, family support services, and more.

Families are supported

In 2009–2010 alone, 11,790 people in Placer County received services through a First 5 Placer funded program.

This includes over 4,500 children and 6,100 parents, benefitting:

55% of all the children in the County under age 6 with identified special needs

42% of all of teen moms in the County

70% of the children under age 6 in the Tahoe region

41% of the children under age 6 in Western Placer county

Numbers of People Served through First 5 Placer Programs

Children are Safe and Healthy

First 5 Placer is committed to promoting health and safety for our children. From 2007–2010:

• 2,215 children received developmental assessments

• 2,137 parents attended nutrition and dental education classes that addressed

  childhood obesity and healthy dental habits

• 117 car seats and 938 bike helmets were distributed

• 370 parents learned about the affects of second hand smoke on their child's growth

   and development

• Over 400 children received health insurance coverage

Children are Ready to Succeed

First 5 Placer recognizes that parents and family members are a child's first teacher and have a vital role in ensuring

that all young children enter school physically and emotionally healthy. That's why First 5 Placer makes sure that

children have access to a high-quality learning environment and that childcare providers, parents, family members,

and teachers have the support they need to help kids succeed.

• 3,836 childcare providers received services

• 1,339 children were avle to attend preschool

• The Ready to Succeed literacy website received 183,882 hits

• 4,159 First 5 New Parent Kits (English and Spanish) were distributed