You can make a difference in the lives of children.



As the saying goes, we as a society can either “pay now or pay later.” Research proves investing in children in the early years

will save our community money and resources later. There are many ways to get involved. Here are some ideas:


Attend First 5 Placer meetings:

Your feedback and expertise is welcome and we look

forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming meetings.


Become a Commissioner:

We often have openings on the Commission.  See our Commmission recruitment page for current recruitments!


Voice your support:

Take a stand on policies and legislation that improve

the well-being of children when it comes to health,

safety and early education. Submit letters to the

editor in local newspapers in response to articles

about children's health, education and safety.


Contact elected officials:

Write or call the governor and state and federal

lawmakers to voice your support for legislation

that improves the well-being of all children.


Stay informed:

Subscribe to child advocacy newsletters that track

policy matters:


First 5 Association of California

Children NOW

California Budget Project

California Department of Education

California Association for the Education of

   Young Children