the commission

The First 5 Placer Children and Families Commission is a semi-autonomous, self-
governing commission appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Each Commissioner is 
a community volunteer with specialized expertise in enhancing child development.

The First 5 Placer Children and Family Commission invests Proposition 10 tobacco tax
money in services and resources for children prenatal through age 5 in Placer County.
Since its establishment in 1999, First 5 Placer has invested more than $29 million in local services for critical issues including, but not limited to:

• Children's health and safety

• Quality early care and education

• Parent education

• Child abuse prevention

• Developmental screenings

• Obesity prevention

• Family support services

• Maternal depression


Mai-Ling Schummers, Chair, Recipient of Services, Early Childhood Educator

Richard Saletta, LCSW, MFT, Vice-Chair, Child Behavior Health

Jeff Brown, MPH, MSW, Placer County Health & Human Services

Jim Holmes, Placer County Board of Supervisors, District #3

Alison Schwedner, Lake Tahoe Area Representative

Dr. James Makol, Medical & Pediatric Services

Phillip Williams, County Children's Services

Jake Hanson, MPH, Community Based Organization