Systems Initiative

Each Child Matters: An Initiative for Placer County's Future
Why does a social system that supports children and families matter?

How can children and families be supported? 

What are the next steps? 

Q & A

Q: Who is involved in the initiative?
A: The start-up for the initiative is being facilitated by First 5 Placer. The first step is to convene a cross-sector stakeholder group who will determine a collaborative vision, platform and process for all activities moving forward.

Q: Who are the Cross-Sector Stakeholders? 
A: The initiative is calling on entities across the public and private sectors to participate in the systems intiative. This includes but is not limited to government, community-based organizations, health care, and education.  
Q: Will the initiative impact or change First 5 Placer funding?
A: The start-up process for initiative does not include a plan for changing current First 5 Placer contracts up until June 30, 2018. After that point, the funding model and approach will change. The cross-sector stakeholder group will be the body that establishes the approach and management of resources starting with FY 18-19. 
Q: How will the initiative’s outcome measures be determined?
A: The cross-sector stakeholder group will collaborate on the agreed-upon shared indicators and measures that will drive the initiative.